897x350 recipes

Do you feel like going for the evening to ‘gourmet’ with pizzas? With the Pizzarette Pizza Gourmet Set anyone can bake his own pizzas, simply at the home table.

Below are a few simple, tasty, and original recipes, ranging from dough for the pizza crust to the right ingredients for original Italian pizzas. Of course, a real pizza recipe is not required with the Pizzarette. Each guest bakes his own pizza, depending on his personal taste. Still, it is clever to prepare some basic recipes for pizzas. If only to pick and buy the right ingredients.

If necessary, you can print out a few recipes and put them on the table. Especially for the guests who aim at baking their pizza in the table oven as authentic as possible and with the taste of a real Italian pizza.



Tomato Sauce

Cookie dough (let us surprise you)