Pizzarette XL - For large pizzas and delicious barbecues.

Available from the spring of 2024. With this model, which works on gas, you can bake large pizzas anywhere. After removing the dome and the 2 pizza stones, you can turn it into a true BBQ with the cast aluminum grill plate. Because the fat drains into a drip tray, you will not be bothered by burnt fat, fire or smoke on your food.

If you enjoy making large pizzas with your friends, then this is a wonderful product and suitable for the experienced, but also for the hobby chef. You close it by turning the dome.

Pizza one week and grilling on this BBQ the next. This double-sided grill plate for grilling or baking on the other side has a non-stick layer and is therefore easy to clean.

These are actually 2 products in 1 box.

Screw the legs onto the base and place the pizza stone and dome. Then connect the gas hose using the swivel or directly on the 1/4″ left-hand thread and you can start the pizza oven with the automatic ignition.

Replace the pizza stones with the grill plate and the pizza oven has become a BBQ. The fat runs through the middle to a collection tray that hangs underneath. The grill plate has a grilling side and a baking side.

Whether you, as an experienced pizza baker, bake a pizza at 400 degrees in 1.5 minutes or as a hobby chef at 250 degrees in 5 minutes, you can do it all with this model. In practice, you only need 5 minutes to prepare the next pizza, so we are in favor of relaxed pizza baking.

In just 2 minutes this grill plate reaches 220 degrees Celsius and is ready for use. This is because it is made of die-cast aluminum and therefore does not rust and is easy to clean.