Pizzarette XL - For large pizzas and delicious barbecues.

With this product, you’re not just purchasing a pizza oven, but also a gas grill. There’s nothing like a homemade pizza, baked in an authentic ceramic pizza oven. With the Pizzarette XL, you bring the authentic pizza experience to your own backyard. The lightweight and affordable pizza oven ensures a delicious pizza with the ultimate crust, crispy bottom, and melted cheese. The pizza stones can be quickly replaced by a cast aluminum grill plate.

The oven excels in optimal temperatures and airflow. Within 10 minutes, the pizza oven is ready for use and can reach a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. For less experienced pizza makers, the second included pizza stone can be placed for easier temperature control around 250 degrees. Thanks to a specially designed ring around the pizza stone, airflow is maximized, allowing for high temperatures to be achieved. The gas burners underneath the pizza stone continue to heat up, even with a cold pizza on top.

Instead of using the pizza stones, you can use the cast aluminum grill plate. The benefits include its lightweight, good heat distribution, rust resistance, and non-stick coating. When used on the grill side, excess fat runs to the center into a drip tray, preventing smoke or fire. You can also flip the grill plate to bake. The grill plate reaches a temperature of 225 degrees Celsius in just 2 minutes. Of course, the gas burner has an electric ignition.

What makes this pizza oven unique:

  • The original ceramic dome can be rotated to close the “door”
  • The ceramic dome retains heat well and absorbs moisture
  • You bake on 1 (400°C) or 2 (300°C)* extra thick chamotte stones
  • The pizza oven is easy to store and transport because the dome and pizza stone can be easily lifted from the base
  • You’re ready to bake pizzas in just 14 minutes
  • With gas, the temperature is easier to control than with wood
  • Because the gas burner is placed at the bottom, the pizza stone is continuously kept at temperature, unlike most other pizza ovens where the pizza “cools down” the stone because it shields the heat from above.

    *If you have less experience, bake a pizza in 4 minutes at approximately 235°C without the risk of burning the bottom.

There are actually 2 products in 1 box.

Screw the legs onto the base and place the pizza stone and dome. Then connect the gas hose using the connector or directly onto the 1/4″ left-hand thread, and use the automatic ignition to start the pizza oven.

Replace the pizza stones with the grill plate, and the pizza oven becomes a BBQ. The grease runs through the center into a drip tray hanging underneath. The grill plate has a grilling side and a baking side.

Whether you’re an experienced pizza maker baking a pizza at 400 degrees in 1.5 minutes or a hobby cook at 250 degrees in 4 minutes, this model can do it all. In practice, you only need 5 minutes to prepare the next pizza, so we advocate for a relaxed pizza baking experience.

In just 2 minutes, this aluminum grill plate reaches 220 degrees and is ready for use. This is because it’s made of die-cast aluminum, so it doesn’t rust and is easy to clean.