There are now 4 different models

Cool Wall - safe for children

HP Cool wall

The most suitable model for use with young children. The unique thing about this model is that by installing a reflector on the inside, the terra cotta dome does not get too hot. An automatic thermostat also ensures that the perfect baking temperature is reached.

Pre-Bake - dough on top for 1 minute

HP Pre Bake

The unique thing about this model is that you can pre-cook the pizza dough on top. This makes it sturdier and easier to cover and then place directly on the baking tray. You can also keep the finished pizza warm on top while you prepare the next one.

Grill 3:1 - Pizza / raclette / grill

HP Grill

With this model you can, in addition to pizzarets, also grill delicious fish, meat or vegetables on top and at the same time use the pans at the bottom to grill, gratinate or grill raclette. In addition to the 6 spatulas, 6 pans are also supplied as standard. The dome is made of cast aluminum.

XL - for large pizza’s & BBQ


NEW in 2024. With this model you can make delicious large pizzas, but in an instant you can turn it into a BBQ. The grill plate has 2 sides and on the ribbed side the fat drains into a drip tray at the bottom.