How do I get the baking tray and spatula clean of the Pizzarette Original?

A. Sometimes there is some mozzarella cheese or tomato sauce that comes right on the baking sheet . If this is difficult to get clean , then let the griddle soak in soapy water and clean it with a scouring pad clean. It goes best with steel wool .

Q. How do you avoid the dough circles to stick together ?

A. Roll the dough as short as possible in advance. Put enough flour surface of the plate and between the circles and put the plate with pastry circles not close to the warm Pizzarette .

Q. What do I need if we want  to use the Pizzarette with 4 people

A. I then put the following table :

– Dough circles according to the recipe on our site with 500 grams of flour ( thinly rolled delivers about 30 laps on this )
– Tomato sauce according to the recipe on this site ( 1 small can tomato paste , 1 can diced tomatoes , olive oil , garlic , oregano )
– 2 pieces of mozzarella , chopped
– 200 grams of grated cheese
– 1 bell pepper chopped
– 1 onion into rings
– Half a box of cherry tomatoes halved
– Half a box of mushrooms sliced
– Small can of pineapple chunks
– 100 grams of salami
– 100 grams of ham
– 100 grams of smoked salmon
– 50 grams bacon
– Fresh basil

With these ingredients you can make a vary of pizzas.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for pizzas that you can make with the Pizzarette ?

A. Often people try to combine as much flavors on a pizza as possible. This is for several reasons not convenient; you taste less different flavors with too much on the pizza; it takes longer for the pizza is cooked, the soil becomes saturated and is not crisp ; by the amount of runs the pizza and comes on the tray correctly .

I always recommend to do next tomato sauce and cheese a maximum of three ingredients on the pizza.

Tasty combinations are:

– Salami and paprika
– Ham , mushroom and pineapple
– Cherry tomato , mozzarella and basil
– Bacon and a quail egg
– Smoked salmon and mozzarella


Q. The griddle is getting so dirty . How can that be ?

A. The griddle is only dirty if the ingredients flow of the pizza because they melt. Put only one teaspoon of sauce on the pizza and spread it out until about 1 cm from the edge . Do not do too many ingredients on the pizza ( see question above) . Mozzarella  always spread out. Put only one piece in the middle , and your pizza is topped sufficient.