Pizzarette? What's that?

Now you can bake your own pizza, right at the dining table.

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Get inspired!

Salmon, Shrimps, Bacon, Cheese and....

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New Pans

Allowing you to make many more dishes

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New Hexagonal model with direct baking on base plate

With baking pizza's directly on base plate.

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Pizzarette is...

Everybody makes his or her own taste of mini-pizzas. Some call it gourmet, others fondue. We call it Pizzarette. Choose a unit for 4 or 6 persons.

How does it work?

Carlos will demonstrate how the Pizzarette works and give you many suggestions of great pizzas you can make yourself.

New models

In autumn 2013 new models will be introduced. Imagine backing directly on a real pizza stone for extra crispy results.

Recipes for succes

We show you how to prepare your own dough and tomato sauce. For the rest let your imagination take you to bake delicious pizzas

We never had such a fun eating pizza. I could make my own favorits and we shared our idears. The children loved to cook them selves what they never had done before. They even tested the raw vegetables and loved it.